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DIY Doctor is a DIY (Do It Yourself) home improvement website run by tradesman. We offer free information, advice and tips across all areas of home improvements, building and home maintenance from people that do these things for their living. There is a wide range of advice for all experience levels and across an enormous range of projects, including plumbing, electrics, general building and carpentry and joinery.

All the information, help and tools that you need for any project that you’re undertaking is organised into these sections:

Our DIY ″How To″ Project pages: These are step by step guides about how to undertake a project yourself. There will be information about preparing and completing your DIY Project including what tools you will need and how to go about it safely.

Our DIY Toolstore: We have a wide range of tools that can be purchased online and delivered to you to complete the project. We also provide information about the best tool for the job and how you should best use it. Not just a shop!

Our UK DIY forum: Sometimes the information you need is very specific. Why not search for the answer in our UK DIY forum? Or you can post a question and get answers from experienced DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen?

Our Video Tutorials: There are a huge and growing range of DIY "How to" videos covering a wide range of home improvement subjects, tools and products. Often it is much easier to understand when you see someone doing the DIY job, than it is to read about it!

Our DIY Tips and Tricks: Ever wonder how tradesmen get the job done so effortlessly? Here we expose some on those tricks and tips that will help you get your home improvement job done more quickly, more safely and with less stress.

Our Finding and Working with Tradesman Help and Advice: It can be difficult to find and work with tradesmen and here we offer advice, information and products that help to make the job go smoothly. Some jobs are beyond everyone, so this is where you need high quality help.

Our DIY Blog and DIY News: Stay up date with the latest news, information, changes in regulations, events and shows and all that happening at DIY Doctor. You will get reminders about articles, seasonal DIY jobs and inspiration for new projects.

Our DIY competitions and Quizzes: We work with some of the major brand names in the DIY and home improvement industry to bring you opportunities to win freebies and prizes. We are always running fun competitions and giving away great prizes – check out our latest competitions today!

Our Tool Reviews: Whether you are simply researching which tool is right for the job or you want to see a video of the tool you intend to buy in action, you must look over the Tool Review section. To ensure that you're going to buy the right tool, read the review and leave you own feedback. Check out 100's of reviews now!

Successfully Working with Tradesmen

We are passionate about what we do, and so we find it heart breaking to see a project go wrong. One of the main objectives of DIY Doctor is to help rid the UK of the cowboy builder menace. To these ends we have several tools at your disposal:

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Safe DIY and Home Improvements

DIY and Home Improvement are becoming more and more popular pastimes throughout the UK. It must be remembered that whatever DIY job you are undertaking, it is essentially building work. As such it is often subject to Building Regulations (see our building regulations projects). DIY can be dangerous and we urge you to seek professional assistance from a qualified builder if you are in any doubt about the possible consequences of your DIY Home Improvements. This website is UK specific and the terminology and regulations will not be effective elsewhere. Please read our Terms and Conditions before you start any work.

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