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Plasterers Tool Kit with complete list of tools for plastering

The DIY Doctor Plasterers Tool kit or Plasterers Bargain Bucket has all the plastering tools that you need to do a good job. Check the list of plastering tools and ensure that you have everything that you need before you start.

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Plasterers Tool Kit with complete list of tools for plastering

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Plastering Bargain Bucket Tools set

Skim plastering, on both walls and ceilings, is one of the most popular home improvement projects undertaken by DIY Doctor users and we have put together a selection of plastering tools that we would be happy to use ourselves to complete this rewarding job. Use our list as a checklist of the tools that you need and hopefully it will be easy to get the ones that you don't have - before you start and find out that you need them!

Our mixing bucket allows plenty of room for larger and larger mixes as you get more confident and our carpet protector ensures a clean room afterwards while keeping you safe on its non-slip surface. The safety goggles, mask and gloves protect you from lime splashes while mixing and a lightweight, but incredibly durable hawk allows you to plaster all day without your arms dropping off! Finally the mixer paddle, set into your own electric drill, takes the effort out of mixing the plaster and the scoop allows you to keep the plaster mixes to the same consistency every time. These tools are not the cheapest you can buy in the short term, but you will still be using them when all of their cheaper counterparts have fallen apart and the owner is having to buy them again!

Watch the video on the Plasterers Bargain Buckets for more tool information.

What we recommend that you get?

  • 1 x 28 litre flexible mixing bucket 
  • 1 x roll of sticky backed carpet protector 
  • 1 x high quality contractors plasterers float 
  • 1 x high quality contractors gauging trowel 
  • 1 x lightweight but heavy duty plasterers hawk 
  • 1 x lightweight flat protection mask 
  • 1 x pair latex gloves for mixing 1 pair of contemporary safety goggles for mixing 
  • 1 x heavy duty 50mm plaster mixing paddle 
  • 1 x scoop for measuring plaster into mix

There is a lot of information about all sorts of plastering jobs in our plastering section. However we recommend that you start with this project for general information about how to plaster and what you need to do to be prepared



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