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DIY Doctor Sponsorship and Community Work

In this area of our site you can find out all about the way DIY Doctor gives back to the communities that have helped us become the UK's most trusted Home Improvement Hub since 1999.

The seasoned visitors to our site are probably aware that we work with a many businesses and organisations within the building and construction industry so that we can provide not only home owners and DIY'ers with the very best help and advice services but also tradesmen.

Using our partnerships with companies like Checkatrade and Buckworth Solicitors we are able to provide guidance and help for both the Home Improver and the Tradesman. Through Our (free) Desired Outcome Building Contract we help customers understand what tradesmen need from them, while helping tradesmen understand what the customer wants.....Exactly! This places us in the unique position of being a conduit between both, allowing information to flow both ways.

None of this is possible without your help and as we can't thank you all individually, we try to do it by engaging with projects which help as many people as possible in one go. One such project is our work with Deen City Farm.

Deen City Farm

Deen City Farm

Find out all about how DIY Doctor are working with Deen City Farm to assist with the many DIY and maintenance jobs involved in ensuring the farm is kept in tip-top condition all year round:

Find out all about Deen City Farm in Wimbledon