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We have bought some cork tiles for our bathroom and fitted them OK, but when we used a polyurethane sealer to seal the tiles, the instructions said that this would dry in 4-6 hours, now 5 days later the sealer is still tacky. Is there anything that we can use to clean the tiles without damaging them, and what can we use instead to seal them that will be better?

Please help

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One Response to “Cork flooring sealer problem”

  1. TheDoctor says:

    Hi, Go to the main DIY Doctor website

    where you will find some eco friendly paint and varnish remover. The normal cause of the “tacky varnish” is that the second coat of varnish has been applied before the first is 100 dry. Sometimes the varnish is applied much too thickly also.

    If you remove the varnish with the Eco Solutions Varnish Remover you can then go to a local flooring supplier and ask for a cork tile sealer. Apply in thin coats, wait to dry and brush out really well.

    Good luck


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