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Some wc flushing systems are remotely operated by pneumatic control . Geberit one of the manufacturers of this type of system uses a pvc tube 2 metres long. I would like to know what is the maximum length this tube can be extended to. Unfortunately, their agents in the UK don’t have any info on this. Help please.

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  1. TheDoctor says:

    Hi, Please go to the DIY Doctor website, in particular this page

    On the page you will see our partners, Heat and Plumb. Click through to their web site and ask for some advice there as they supply the type of unit you describe. Tell them DIY Doctor sent you.

    Good luck. Doc

  2. franznad says:

    Why have I got details about radiators & central heating when I asked for assistance about pneumatically operated wc flushing?

  3. TheDoctor says:

    So you can click on the link as mentioned above, and get through to the website where you can contact Heat and Plumb and ask for advice. They also sell radiators, boilers and everything else to do with heating. As well as pneumatic cisterns.

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