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Todays most popular project was Push Button Cisterns:

Understand push button toilet cisterns – the project contains images on common problems and solutions.
Push Button Cistern Diagram

Push Button Cistern Diagram

Some of the feedback about this project is below:

User Comments:
It doesnt fill up with water quick enough, can you help? (push button)User Comments:
The push button itself is broken. The base of the holder unit of the button unit has come away from the upper part. Have glued before but is temporary solution. Where can I purchase a new push button unit for Twyford ceramic cistern?

User Comments:
Good, clear explanations with useful diagrams

User Comments:
I needed a diagram showing positioning of washers in cistern and from cistern onto pan

User Comments:
My push button remains in push position but does not have a cable !!!!!

User Comments:
Water still flowing into cistern

User Comments:
Cistern fills very slow-heavy spray, takes 5 to 10 mins.

User Comments:
Really useful information , thanks

User Comments:
I need to know how to get the lid off the cistern as the button prevents me from lifting it off?

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One Response to “Project of the Day 08/06/09”

  1. TheDoctor says:

    Comment 1: Go to any Plumbers Merchants and ask for the unit you need and replace it in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

    Comment 3: The washers vary from unit to unit. Draw a diagram of your WC and cistern and take it to a plumbers merchants who will give you the right washers for the right places.

    Comment 4: Your push button possibly pushes a plunger down straight on top of the syphon unit. If the syphon unit does not rise again when the cistern refills it will not push your button back up. The syphon unit may be stuck and simply benefit from being dismantled, cleaned and put back together, or you may decide to replace the unit as they are not expensive.

    Comment 5: Washer gone in the inlet valve or limescale/grit etc stopping the valve closing. Turn water off, remove the valve and clean all parts. If you suspect a faulty washer (and you should be able to see if it is damaged) replace the valve. For more info on this go to the main DIY Doctor site and look at the project called Cisterns, Tanks and Valves.

    Comment 6: Sounds like valve not opening fully. This may be just stuck and need a clean or jammed as a result of a poor installation. Turn off water, take apart and clean.

    Comment 8: You should be able to lift the lid a little and get your hand onto the underside of the push button. This will allow you to hold it while you unscrew the two halves from the top.

    Good luck all of you. Doc

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