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Welcome on board MGC Ltd and a unique product called Septatap Thermal. Sempatap comes in rolls, just like wallpaper, and just like wallpaper, it is stuck to the wall.

The effect of Sempatap thermal can be seen quite clearly below. Heat loss is shown in Yellows, oranges and reds and before Sempatap installation money is just pouring out of the walls.

heatlossstages DIY Doctor welcomes MGC Ltd and a unique energy saving product

Heat loss from houses is dramatic

Only 10mm thick, it offers huge energy savings and heat loss is reduced considerable especially in the millions of older properties without double glazing and cavity walls. Its easy to install, can be decorated just like the original wall and even tiles can be laid on it.

There are discounts available in certain parts of the country as part of the Governments commitment to reducing energy loss in the UK.

Sempafloor is a special version to stop heat loss through floors and both the floor and wall version have great sound reduction qualities.

Take a look at the project page

And download a brochure to see how easily you can save a lot of money.

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