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I have just had the section of the mains water pipe replaced that runs from the street to the front door as old stop cock at the entrance to the house had burst. That situation took a week to finally get someone round to do it.  In that time I had clamped the leak to reduce the flow from the burst and I had to adjust the water pressure from the mains street stop cock to allow some water in to the network, not to much as water was still was flowing in to the house but enough to supply next door as they are on the same supply as me. My house is supplied with mains first and then splits in the kitchen to feed theirs.

Since this has been fixed the hot water runs ok for a few seconds and then slowly drops in pressure until it is a bit more than a dribble.

The cold water pressure is fine.

As far as I can work out we have an indirect boiler system.

Can anyone think what might be going on.


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