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DIY Doctor has just published a new project on using a garden shredder.

At this time of year, with the weather improving, lots of people are out in their gardens trying to clear up after the winter. This results in plenty of garden rubbish which then needs to be taken to the tip, or you may have a garden waste curbside collection, but this is often charged for by the local council.

So using your own garden shredder makes sense. It reduces garden waste, making it a smaller volume to manage and compost. However, it is what you can do with the waste material that can benefit and often offset the cost of the shredder over time. 

A shredder also means you can produce your own wood chip for paths etc or to use as mulch. Shredded woody material spread over areas of soil can suppress weeds and acts as an insulator around plants. As the shredded material decomposes it can also put back nutrients into the soil (it is best to store your heap of shreddings for a month or so before spreading to avoid leaching of acid organic fluids)

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