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A survey of British DIYers has revealed that 84% admit to using kitchen cutlery to finish a job, while 43% use their fingernails and 24% use a penny! Others have admitted to using nail files, shoes and even oven gloves in their DIY efforts.

The 2010 Focus DIY ‘Tools of the Nation’ report has uncovered that this attitude to DIY could be costing us more money in the long run. More than 80% of those surveyed had needed to call on a professional to fix the job at up to £100, and one in five of them had paid over £150.

Focus project manager Nasim Valli said that the problem seemed to be that most people simly don’t own the correct DIY tools. Apparently ’48% of us own 10 or less tools, which is probably why some of us have resorted to using our toothbrushes and even saucepans! ‘

Valli said “However, as we have seen from the survey, expecting to be able to do all your DIY with just these tools can be asking for trouble! It’s ironic that spending money on the right tools and fixings can actually end up saving you time and cash if you don’t have to pay to get your DIY disasters fixed!”

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