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A man from Oldham has admitted to being the ‘guerrilla handyman’ who has been secretly renovating outdoor equipment in his local area.

Stephen Rimmer, a 37 year old former soldier, has for the last few months been identifying broken benches or other amenities whilst out cycling. Then, once it had got dark so that he wouldn’t get bothered by anyone, he would go out with the recycled materials he had collected to fix them. In three months he fixed 18 projects including rope swings and children’s look-outs. His trademark touch was the brightly coloured paint he used to repaint the items.

The council initially thought it was a project arranged by park rangers with local schools, but then discovered that no-one knew who was doing the work. The council estimate that his DIY skills have saved the public approximately £3000.

Mr Rimmer is married and is about to graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in three-dimensional design.

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