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The NICEIC (the electrical contracting industries independent voluntary body for electrical installation matters throughout the UK) have released research showing that many women think twice before calling out a male electrician. This has prompted the launch of a new Apprentice Academy to try to encourage more women into the industry.

A survey carried out by the NICEIC of 3,000 women showed that 47% of female homeowners feel intimidated by a male electrician, and 50% would feel more comfortable with a female electrician.

The findings are also supported by the fact that many women are becoming more interested in pursuing a trade. In the 16-24 year old age group, the survey found that 63% of women said ‘they were more intrested in learning a skilled trade rather than a profession, because a trade stays with them for life.’¬†

The results also showed that more of the women who replied were interested in training to be an electrician than any of the other trades Р35% would like to train to be a sparky, with carpenter coming in second with 21%, plumber with 20%,  builder with 10% and farrier with 6%.

If you are interested in finding out more, go to their webpage.

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