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As you may have seen from our earlier blogs, Karen started work on her own DIY project to strip and repaint her front door several days ago, and had got to the point where she had applied the undercoat to the door.

However, she was less than happy with the overall look of the undercoat applied – which just highlighted all the knocks and blemishes on the door.

The result of this was that Karen stripped the door all the way back to bare wood as seen in the blog below.

After a break of a few days, Karen has taken up her paintbrush once again.

The next stage of her front door project was to paint the undercoat again. This time the undercoat went on smoothly and looked much better – even close up!

Resized image 24 The Door   Making Good Progress

Undercoat take two!

It now needs to be left for 24 hours or so, given a very light sanding with fine grade sandpaper in readiness for the top coat.

Check in on Monday to see the completed door!

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