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We may only be in the first half of September, but it would definately appear that summer is over, and so we should all be turning our minds to any autumn jobs that need attention before the weather turns more wintery.

Our project on Autumn Maintenance Checks gives some good pointers including attending to any external decorating, making sure you get your boiler or other heating serviced, do any loft insulating needed, check all windows and doors are draught proofed, make sure any extractor fans are working to avoid condensation, checking and clearing guttering, cleaning patios and paths and making sure any exterior lighting is working. There is also instruction on dry lining walls.


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  1. brondesgroup says:

    Autumn is a good idea to finish all of the outside jobs before the cold weather sets in. All external decorating should be finished and remedial work using sand and cement mortar should be done as frost can affect this sort of work badly if the temperatures are too low when work is being done

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