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A homeowner in Staffordshire who has made his home a DIY disaster zone has been banned from living in it. The semi-detached house in Hulton has been so badly altered that a Housing Act court order was given to the owner to prevent anybody from living in it.

The list of disasters in the house reported in the local paper included:

  • a bedroom in the loft which was only 3ft high (and accessed by stairs made from pallets)
  • all the walls had been taken back to bare brick
  • no hot water in bathroom or kitchen
  • no work surfaces or cupboards in kitchen
  • no heating in the house, with no wall insulation
  • only one room had electrical sockets
  • the chimney breast had been removed leaving the chimney structurally unsafe
  • an open drain inside the house
  • no lighting in the house
  • no handrail on the ground floor staircase
  • leaking water due to ground floor alterations (and as the¬†property¬†is semi-detached, this damaged next door property too)

On top of that, the owner had actually rented the house out to a lady after he had received the court order! Unbelievable but true!!

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