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If you are struggling with ideas for christmas, we’ve come up with a couple of great ‘experience’ gifts ideas from

Dumper Racing Experience Day  - £49.99
Use your skill, co-ordination and nerve to take part in the exciting challenge of racing dumpers. On average each competitor takes part in two different heats racing against the clock and your competitors, with the fastest times qualifying to reach the final head to head, then on to victory to win the coveted Diggerland winners certificate.

Dumper Racing Experience Great gifts for Christmas!

Just click through to read more about the Dumper Racing Day.

Or if you can’t decide which experience to choose for the man in your life, you could go for the ‘Ultimate Choice for Him’ at £99.99, which means he can pick from 30 different activities, including driving, flying, fishing, golfing, sailing or simply pampering!


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