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My cold water tap bangs furiously and noisily. I changed the washer but its still doing it Whats wrong please and how do I fix it?

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  1. TheDoctor says:


    You could take a look at our project page on noisy pipes and taps –

    Unfortunately we don’t have any professional tradesmen in our admin office to answer queries, so other than that I suggest that you redirect your enquiry to our Forum which is a very valuable resource for answering your questions, and I am sure that one of the professionals will respond to you shortly.

    In order to put this question or any future questions to the Forum, you will be required to register. Log in, using a password of your choice, by clicking on the following URL .
    Once you have accepted the terms and conditions for using the forum, access is then available to you for all your future queries. It is an extremely reliable and valuable source of information and to join the Forum and become an active member is totally free.

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