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UK residents spend an average of £103 each on tools that are simply gathering dust, with only 21% saying they use DIY tools they have bought on a regular basis. Men are the worst offenders, spending an average of £116 on unused tools compared to just £87 spent by women.

These findings were released by Legal and General who commissioned a survey to find out how much money people are wasting on tools that they don’t use. It appears that people buy these tools with the best of intentions but 45% admit to never, or hardly ever using them.

Worryingly for DIY Doctor 35% said they have not bought any DIY tools during the last five years, and over two thirds admit that they cannot carry out the most basic home maintenance tasks. This is despite the fact that almost everyone (94%) views home maintenance as essential.

DIY Doctor is a free online resource committed to supply consumers with the skills, tools and information they need to carry out home improvement projects whether they are DIY’ing or employing tradespeople.

Mike Edwards, DIY Doctor’s CEO comments “we understand that some people find DIY tasks daunting, and that is why we started the website. Most schools no longer teach children how to use basic tools and unless their parents have DIY skills they are left in the dark, which is not only frustrating but also costly as we can see from these findings.”

He went on to explain that the current ease of access to the internet has made their project pages and “How To” videos more popular than ever. He said “our videos are the next best thing to someone showing you in person how to complete tasks, and we are now completing a series of product reviews to help people find the right tool for the job once they have decided on a project to tackle.”

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