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This is not a sexy subject, but it is one of those things that needs to be addressed as we get older. Mobility in the home can enhance an older persons life by making it much easier to remain independent and in their own home for as long as possible.

bathroom grab rails and other assistance for older people using the bathroomYou may be able bodied yourself but needing to make arrangements for others in your family and there are many sites that offer these mobility products – so what should you look out for?

When searching for these products you may come across the term LANTAC approved, this is the Local Authority National Type Approval Confederation who have been formed to approve designs and systems within the building trade in order to prevent too much bureaucracy preventing innovations coming to the market. They ensure that the items meet safety requirements and all local authorities are members of LANTAC.

Do shop around as the same quality products vary widely in cost depending on where you buy them. We were impressed with the price of the pack above which is advertised on at under £300 at the time of posting this.

When you fit these items they do need to be securely fixed as they will take a great deal of stress and strain during use- check out our fixings project to help you make the right choices for your walls.

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