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We are trying to find out which building jobs you prefer and which tools you value most.

So we have set up a short questionnaire – if you can call two questions a questionnaire!

We will use this information to improve our projects section, and to make sure we are doing the right tool reviews for our tool information section.

So if you don’t mind spending five or six minutes to humour us, please click here to go to our tasks questionnaire.

To entertain you, and get you in the mood for thinking about tools and what you can do with them, here is a video from the incredible German Hammer Juggler – as if juggling with hammers wasn’t hard enough …

Oh and did we mention that if you answer our questions you get a chance to win a complete tool kit, and if you are in the trade you will also get a year’s advertising on DIY Doctor?

If that makes you more interested then click on the link above or you can nip over to our Facebook page, and you will find the survey pinned to the top.

Go to DIY Doctor facebook page

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