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We usually write about serious DIY tasks and show you how to make repairs properly and safely.

However we were recently sent a link to this ‘repair’ by one of our eagle eyed users, and we thought we should share the fun.

How to fix a toilet diy how to lol funny pictures blog meme plumbing thumb Simple diy plumbing fixes

Thanks to James Barnett for sending us this link, and to Florian Schmid for posing this on his blog.

We don’t like the idea that these urinals are not self-emptying, lets hope they are regularly checked!

If you have funny pictures you want to share with us please send them in by going to ‘contact us’ on the main site, you can also apply to visit our DIY Docotor – sharing board on Pinterest.

If you actually came across this page because you want to make some real repairs to plumbing and toilets then you can visit our project pages for lot of helpful How To guides and videos. Why not start with How to fit a toilet. or Using compression fittings for plumbing.

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  1. c.thruwindows says:

    (link removed) concept conservatories telford: cool diy tips and post right here probably helpful

  2. TheDoctor says:

    We encourage interaction but we do not allow advertising links in the comments section. Thank you

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