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Yarnbombing: leaving craft items out for public consumption

There has been a real upsurge of interest in traditional crafts recently from the relatively sedentary knitting and crocheting to more hefty stone carving and woodturning.

We applaud anyone who gets involved in these activities, because we believe that making and mending things yourself is much more intellectually challenging, and emotionally rewarding, than just buying something off the shelf.

There has been a trend also of giving these homemade craft items as gifts at festive times of the year, and it is lovely to receive an individually made piece of work from a loved one isn’t it? However there are some Guerrilla crafters who go beyond sharing their skills just with those they know, and who have put their craft work out in the public domain.

Forget Street Art – Street Craft is the new trend
We have noticed a growing trend in Yarnbombing, the practice of leaving knitted or crochet items in public places. The one pictured above is a great example of the type of thing, especially with the ‘smile’ sentiment attached. That seems to be the reason these wool graffiti artists do what they do, to raise a smile and bring yarn crafts into the public eye.

If you spot yarn bombing or any other street art and craft that you want to share please do so either via twitter @diydoctor or send pictures to you can even send us links to videos if you catch someone in the act – or indeed if this is something you do…

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