tsrangenew Eco Solutions Prizes Have Arrived at DIY Doctors Office

Eco Solutions sponsor prizes for DIY Doctors’ Tricks of the Trade Show at The HIC

It is the Northern Homebuilding and renovating show this weekend, and what do shows mean? . . . Prizes!

A parcel has arrived from Eco Solutions that contains some great giveaways for the DIY Doctor presentations on the Tricks of the Trade Theatre at the Northern Homebuilding and Renovating Show this weekend.

So if you are renovating or just have a bit of painting to do these products could be a great addition to your decorating arsenal.

- Super Strength pvcu cleaner and paint remover

- Paint and varnish remover

- Brush renew

These products will be traveling up with the team on Wednesday, in time for us to build the stand and get ready to open to the public on Friday. The show is open from the 1-3 November at the HIC (Harrogate International Centre) so if you are in the area, and fancy coming in to see us, we would be delighted to welcome you to the theatre, you can have a sit down, listen to Mike’s jokes (sorry about that!) and then have a chance to win some prizes (to make up for the jokes).

Read a bit more about Eco Solutions in our earlier article, or find out how to get rid of Artex using X-Tex.

show banner Eco Solutions Prizes Have Arrived at DIY Doctors Office

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