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The owners of this new art website are calling it, “the most affordable original art website in the world”. Quite a claim, but since all the art featured is original and priced under £100, they may well be right.

But what about the quality of the art – can you really pick up decent original, signed art for under £100?

We had a snoop through the site to find out…. And here’s our verdict:
on the whole, the quality is surprisingly good. There are hundreds of original works from emerging artists to suit pretty much all tastes and settings – and all for under £100. But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourselves at

Member artists manage to keep their prices so low, because unlike other original art sites, here they don’t pay any commission on sales. Instead they pay a small annual fee to the site to exhibit their work. If a customer sees a painting they like, they simply click to contact the artist directly, who emails them back with payment/delivery details. The site’s been live since March 2013 and has already attracted over 70 artists exhibiting over 500 pieces.

Mary Sheridan, the site’s co-director commented recently

Since setting up just over a year ago, we’ve gone from strength to strength. We’ve found that people do actually want original art, but not at the prices we usually associate with it – so for many, we’re just what they’ve been waiting for . We’ve recently noticed that property developers are beginning to use us. They’ve cottoned on to the fact that they can furnish their entire developments with great vibrant, signed original art for the same price (and often cheaper) than mass produced prints.

So now it’s not just the mega rich that can afford to adorn their homes with original signed pieces – original art just got affordable. And you never know, in your hunt for an art bargain, you might even bag a piece from the next Banksy!

Check out some of our favourites below.

Affordable Art Online - Not There

Not There by Anca Carrington – £90 (Pastel on Canvas

Affordable Art

Lemon by Steve Strode – £60 (Oil on Canvas)

Affordable Original Art

Portrait on Brown by Gabriella Eastwood – £95 (Acrylic on Card)

Affordable Art - Hill on the Mearns 1

Hill on the Mearns 1 by Bern Ross – £95 (Acrylic on Canvas)

Affordable Original Art - Irish Lane by Randle Drury

Irish Lane by Randle Drury – £85 (Acrylic on Canvas)

Affordable Original Art - Horace by Simon Kirk - £95 (Mixed Media on Canvas)

Horace by Simon Kirk – £95 (Mixed Media on Canvas)

Affordable Art - Untitled by Tom Winney

Untitled by Tom Winney – £85 (Ink on Paper)

Afforable Art Online - Mistral by Sheryl  Roberts

Mistral by Sheryl Roberts – £99 (Oil and Acrylic on Canvas)





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