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I recently had a new boiler and pressurised tank system installed . ” problems seem to be occurring 1. water pressure drops when a tap is turned on resulting in cold shower. I was under the impression this should not happen with a pressurised system. 2. When the water heating programme is on the radiators Read on…

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20 N per square mm is equivalent to 2kg force on each square mm which seems like rather a lot. It is equivalent to 2 million kg on each square metre or 2000 tons. Is there something amiss with my arithmetic?

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With the dark winter nights drawing in you maybe thinking about extra security on your premises. If you are, JMC Security can cater for all of your CCTV and surveillance needs from CCTV cameras to recorders and full CCTV systems.   For a full run down on the products and services available from JMC Security, Read on…