Managing self-build and DIY project Finances and getting the most from available Grants for home improvements

This page includes links to all of our Accounting and Financial DIY how to projects. Browse through the below list and click on your chosen link to view the project information.

Available DIY How To Projects

Managing your finances on any DIY project is a very important and often over looked part of the process. There are grants, tax breaks and ways that you can save whether you are planning a self build or a more modest project. We have a number of projects that help you make the most of the savings and ensure that you have the right insurance in place in case something goes wrong.

Keep your biggest investment safe by making sure you get the best financial help

Keep your biggest investment safe by making sure you get the best financial help

Planning your Project Finances

Doing your research is very important. In this section of the website we cover all the insurance that you will need to research for your project, although this is no substitute for reading the fine print in the insurance agreement that you opt for. A little research is very useful for finding out what grants and incentives are available before you begin your project as this can make your budget go a lot further. It is wise to plan for a 10-20% “cushion” in large projects this can make a huge difference.

Self Build Project or Getting the Builders in?

Price Doctor is a DIY Doctor application that is very useful for preparing yourself for a extension building project, whether your are planning to build it yourself or you are going to employ a builder.

Price Doctor allows users to enter all the details of their planned extension so that you can get a breakdown of the costs. This is useful for:

  • Budgeting for your DIY or build Project; for free you can get an idea what it will cost to get an extension built before you spend a penny!
  • Try out different Build ideas; Experiment with different sizes, material, and designs and see the effect on cost and you your building budget
  • Check Quotes; understand why tradesmen’s quotes vary as much as they do, and use this to select the right one for you

Tradesmen can even use this application to produce or sense check their own quotes and ensure that they have included everything required.

Even if you are not at the start of a project using Price Doctor can be useful to give you a sense check about the costs and your building budget. See what your extension will cost using price doctor right now.

An important part of working with trades-people is ensuring that all parties understand that is going to happen and that expectations have been set. We have found that people that take the time up front to prepare and sign a contract with their builders tend to have a better experience and enjoy less upsets during their project. This is only anecdotal, but for the sake of an hour or so up front it is worth down loading and reviewing a free contract.

We have prepared a building contract that protect both the homeowner and the builder for you to down load and it’s free!

Research you DIY or Building project:

It is really important to do a little ground work before you start as this can save some expensive mistakes. We have projects specifically designed to inform and highlight how you can get on top of your project finances before you start so that they don’t run away with you. Also a little research will inform you about and grants and tax breaks available for home improvements – which are worth having!