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This page offers advice on window blind related DIY how to projects including curtain pole and rail fixing. Questions about fitting and measuring various types of blinds are some of the most common on our forums so we have created a selection of special projects about this subject. Please browse through the list below and click on your chosen link to view the project information, or read on for some history about the main types.

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Window blinds date back hundreds and hundreds of years. In fact the early window shutters pre date glass by some considerable time.

Using more than one roller blind in a window can allow partial light in to save glare

Using more than one roller blind in a window can allow partial light in to save glare

Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, vertical blinds and window shutters all offer protection against the sun while allowing the rooms occupants to enjoy some privacy from the outside world.

Blinds can be constructed from any materials and have moved on a great deal from the days of palm leaves and woven rushes. The result however is exactly the same, only the methods and aesthetics have changed.

Venetian blinds come in everything from bamboo to aluminium and Roman blinds can be constructed from fabric as easily as wood. There is no end to the colours available and each blind can fulfill the functions.

Vertical blinds are often seen to be the most elegant of blinds but they can be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to opening the window.

Roman blinds are an attractive and practical extension to curtains or drapes. They can into being as the name would suggest, when the Romans hung wet cloths at their windows to prevent dust getting in the room. These cloths were then decorated and the idea of an attractive as well as useful blind was born.

Roller blinds evolved from Roman blinds when blind users starting to think at a technical level. Cloth had been wound round rollers for many years so doing it with the use of a chord was a natural extension. Roller blind allow the maximum amount of light into the room as no part of the blind material is left hanging in the opening.

Venetian blinds were first used in Persia but soon spread while different cultures used different materials for the slats. Bamboo, rushes, reeds, branches have all been used and now modern materials have made venetian blinds a very popular choice.