Ceiling DIY and How To Projects

This page includes links to all of our ceilings related DIY project tutorials including the ever popular ceiling repairs tutorial and related projects like painting and wallpapering how to's and how to fit coving and joist hangers. Please browse through the list below and click on your chosen link to view the project information.

Available DIY How To Projects

Ceilings can be constructed of many materials and quite often most are plastered And/or painted. While the floor above may be a structural part of the building, the ceiling is not. The ceiling provides a useful cover for unsightly things such as cables, pipes, wires and of course, floor joists.

New ceiling fitted over old with light cables being pulled through

New ceiling fitted over old with light cables being pulled through

Plasterboard ceilings are the most common type in UK homes while suspended ceiling are often used in commercial buildings. Ceilings can however be constructed of almost any material you wish to use providing you can fix it properly to the floor structure.

It is not unusual to see timber matchboard ceilings stained or even varnished with wood colour and our artex project will show you how ceilings which offer a poor surface can be covered with this textured coating.

Ceiling lights come in many types from ceiling spotlights to normal downlighters. The lighting in a ceiling can be introduced in a way which sets the mood for that room and, as with any lighting, is a very important factor when thinking about the ceiling in your room.

Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate the air in a room. Many people do not know that this is not just a way to cool down but to stay warm also. Many ceiling fans can be set to simply circulate the warm air rather than to spin fast enough to create a cool down-draft. Circulating the air in the room can also help to deal with condensation as the warm air is moving too quickly to settle on a cool surface.