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There are not many homes these days that do not have central heating but there are many variations on the type of heating you can have. Central heating boilers can be gas fired, oil fired and even LPG (low Pressure Gas).Some homes have solid fuel burners like Agas and wood burning stoves.

Electric underfloor heating can be applied to the top of a screeded floor

Electric underfloor heating can be applied to the top of a screeded floor

This section covers all forms of heating and underfloor heating and also as a diagnostic section where you can work out what the problem is when something goes wrong. You can even find out how to replace a central heating pump.

There are two types of underfloor heating. In one, warm water is pumped round water pipes set under your flooring and in the other electric cables act as a kind of protected heating element. The floor construction will vary depending on the type of under floor heating you use and in many cases your choice is limited as your floor will already be in position.

Boilers and radiators vary very much. Condensing boilers are deemed to be the most efficient type of boiler and any boiler replacement now must be done with a condensing boiler to ensure that the majority of the heat produced is put to good effect without being wasted.

Radiators come in single panel and double panel types which either radiate heat or carry it by convection. If your radiator has steel fins fitted to the rear, it is a convection radiator and, providing it is fitted in the right place, is more effective than a radiator which radiates the heat. More about that on the pages inside.

Towel rails can be heated for bathrooms, warm air fans offer instant heat, oil filled radiators are mobile as are some gas and electric bar fires. Heating today is about energy efficiency and the heat produced is very expensive if your insulation is ineffective. The following pages will walk you through the different types of heating available and the best one for any given circumstance.