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From stains to tears we have all damaged our clothing, upholstery, table cloths, carpets, bedding and furniture at least once in our lives.

Use a carpet cleaner to keep the carpets clean in a DIY way

Use a carpet cleaner to keep the carpets clean in a DIY way

Knowing how to remove the wine or grease stain or invisibly mend the tear can save a great deal of money. Learning how to apply a little French Polish or mix some timber stain can remove the need to paint over a lovely old piece of furniture.

Cleaning paint brushes properly can save a lot of money and hiring carpet cleaning equipment is much less expensive than calling out a professional. All these tips can be found in these pages where we explain about cleaning that blocked shower head, getting hard grout from tiles and even cleaning and refurbishing your stone floor, granite worktop or patio.

Popular cleaning products abound. From Domestos to Cillit Bang the industry is worth a fortune so learning how to cut a few corners will save you money. Cleaning your own carpets for example, is not as difficult as you might think. The cleaning vacuum can be hired for a day and if you watch our videos in the product review section you will see how the Karcher WD5200 makes short work of hoovering a wet floor.

We also have a great page on how to power wash decking and a couple of reviews of leading pressure washer units such as the Karcher K2 300 and its competitor the Nilfisk C110.

Our pages show you how to degrease products before use, how a central vacuum unit works, how to clean bricks, fireplaces and there is a special section on removing graffiti. We show you how to remove sealant from baths, restore quarry tiles to their former glory and even how to make you own wax

Our comprehensive cleaning section should have you well on your way to saving pounds !