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Copper pipes are used to plumb in baths, basins, toilet cisterns, hot and cold taps and water tanks, outside taps, dishwashers and washing machines. We do not think twice about putting in a copper compression joint or soldering a Yorkshire fitting……But it hasn’t always been like this!

Using copper pipes for our plumbing

Using copper pipes for our plumbing

Long before we were able to use a copper pipe bender or run micro bore round the house in easy to use copper pipe clips we were all probably suffering the effects of lead poisoning from the existing piping we had been using for years.

The Romans are credited with most of the early plumbing exploits but it was actually the Egyptians , long before them that gave the world fancy bathrooms and running water through a complex system of copper channels.

However it was most certainly the Romans who turned plumbing (from the Latin for lead, Plumbus) into an everyday activity, certainly for the posh Romans, if not for the lowly servants.

The chosen material of the day was lead and it was a good many years before we started to use copper for our pipes. It is thought that copper plumbing began to be used frequently in about 1910 but many houses are still fed by the old lead pipes or the galvanized pipes that are prevalent in some areas.

Copper pipes are held together by copper fittings and many examples of these can be seen on the following pages. For more information on the benefits of copper pipes and a great set of videos on copper pipes and sheeting go here.