Fixings and Screws DIY How To Projects

This page includes links to all of our project tutorials on the correct and most–efficient use of fixings and screws in DIY. It also covers chemical fixings and anchor resins, threaded bars, nuts and bolts and plasterboard fixing advice. Please browse through the list below and click on your chosen link to view the project information or use the search box above if you have a more specific question.

Available DIY How To Projects

This section deals with a whole host of fixing and fittings, screws, nails, nuts, bolts etc , to fit things to things, put stuff up, and tie things down. Whether you want to find out about external fixings or internal fixings, whether you have something to fit to wall or bolt to the floor we have information fro all your home improvement questions this section.

There are screws available for every type of material

There are screws available for every type of material

Find out what fixing is best to use if you want to hang a picture, and what brackets and hooks are best if you are hanging a heavy mirror or picture (a clue - the advice is the same for both).

Let us help you put up curtain poles, blinds and curtain rails, fit shelves, and install kitchen cabinets by giving you advice on the correct tools for the job and what size screws to use for any DIY project.

We also offer advice on how to the best ways of fixing to plasterboard walls, how to fix to masonry and how to get round problems you might encounter with more difficult surfaces. Fixing a hole in these surfaces is dealt with in our Repairing holes section.

If you are baffled by the different sizes and colours of plastic wall plugs, or you have no idea when to use a panel pin, a nail, or a screw then we answer all these problems in our project pages and don’t forget you can ask any other questions in our DIY forum.

We also look at some less common types of fixings and fittings such as expanded metal lathing, self-tapping Ankerbolt. screw eyes, cup hooks and Black japanned screw. If that doesn’t whet your appetite who knew there were so many types of nail for instance there are wire nails, lost-head nails, annular ring nails and pin nails as well as galvanised or copper clouts.

Oh and while we don’t deal with fixing a dripping tap here (see our plumbing section) we do deal with fixing skirting boards.