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Welcome to our DIY Lighting Projects page. Here we are confident you will be able to find the answer to most of your main electrical wiring and light fitting questions. Each project is presented as an instructional guide or case study, complete with easy–to–follow diagrams and videos. The projects are targeted at the most common lighting–related questions we get here at DIY Doctor, such as how to wire light fittings or install spotlights, but if you don't find a related project to solve your problem, don't forget to try our very–active advice forum.

Available DIY How To Projects

Lighting in the home makes such a difference to the mood of different rooms and it is great to have knowledge about the way lights work and the best lighting to use in various situations. You can chose between LED lighting, Fluorescent lighting and low wattage or energy saving lighting to suit the area of the house and the tasks you will be undertaking in your home.

You can be creative with lighting in all rooms

You can be creative with lighting in all rooms

We have lots of lighting projects in the section from finding out why my bulbs blow so regularly to how to replace a light fitting.

There are so many choices in different light fittings, and you knew that already but you should also think about the other electrical fittings you can choose including wall plates for light switches, dimmer switches and sockets.

Don’t forget that exterior lights can help to improve security by deterring burglars. Outside lights also make it easier to find your door keys and get in the door in the winter months. Lighting can also make the approach to your house more welcoming when you are entertaining.

Lighting for gardens can extend the hours that your garden becomes a usable space in the summer and, even in the winter, well-placed lights can light up sculptural elements in your garden and give lasting pleasure throughout the seasons. You can even light up ponds and water features to enhance the sight of running water.

Obviously a lot of the lighting choices you make are personal choices and design led, but you can also find out answers to ‘how does my lighting work’ and we include lighting diagrams and explanations about your lighting circuit, so you can understand what is required to get the lighting effects you want in your home.

There are lighting control options that allow you to adjust the lighting in your home using your smartphone, or by using a remote control, so you can dim your lights from the comfort of your sofa while you get all smoochy on the sofa in front of the best new releases on TV or DVD.

Of course daylight is an important aspect of lighting and you can get sunlight into out of the way places using sun tunnels. You might also want to consider roof lanterns and skylights to give extra daylight where you have a single story or top floor room to refurbish or build.