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Working in metal is always assumed to be a great deal harder than working with wood but with the right tools the processes, although not similar, can be learned in just the same way. Metal working tools always seem to be huge where woodworking tools, unless you are in a joiners shop, do not seem to be so.

Pillar drills can often be found in garage workshops for use at home

Pillar drills can often be found in garage workshops for use at home

In these pages we cover how to use an angle grinder which is a tool for cutting and grinding metal. We show you how to drill metal safely. Drilling metal, as with wood, requires the workpiece to be held solidly in a vice or a jig to avoid the drill bit catching in the work and spinning it round.

We show you how to cut metal by hand, using a hack saw, and by machine using a disc cutter. Sheet metal can also be cut using a guillotine but that is pretty much for the professionals.

Special paints are required to paint metal and we run through these for you. How to prepare the metal by rubbing down with wet and dry paper, grinding discs or wire wool before paint is explained and the best paints to use are listed. Painting a garage door is not easy when you want to avoid paint runs! Sometimes it depends on how well the metal is primed so we show you how to do that also.

We show you how to use a pillar drill which is a very popular tool in a home improvers workshop and also how to use a pop rivet gun to join two pieces of metal together. There are also videos on mig and mag welding where safety is of paramount importance. Arc eye is one of the most unpleasant and painful experiences our team have ever suffered.