Painting DIY How To Projects

This page includes links to all our Painting DIY how to projects featuring guides and tips from expert painters with many years of experience. It also features advice on paint brush selection and cleaning, how to prepare surfaces prior to paint application and related subjects. Please browse through the list below and click on your chosen link to view the project information.

Available DIY How To Projects

The painting category on our website is huge. We show you how to prepare your walls floors and ceilings for painting by filling cracks, sanding or rubbing down, applying the correct primer paint, undercoat and then top coat. We show you how to avoid many painting faults such as glazing and peeling. We show you how to stop the timber resin coming through the wood by applying a knotting solution and we show you how to stain and varnish timber as well.

Cleaning cheap brushes is rarely worth the effort as the bristles fall out

Cleaning cheap brushes is rarely worth the effort as the bristles fall out

Cleaning your paint brushes professionally can save you a great deal of money but the brushes you buy do have to be fairly good in the first place. Cheap brushes lose their bristles and every time you clean them, more fall out. This leads to an uneven finish. Better to buy more expensive brushes and follow our tips and instructions on cleaning them.

In some cases we get technical with our painting instructions and we have diagrams for painting panel doors, casement windows and sash windows which are a little like painting by numbers. It is a great way to get an even finish to your paintwork and as with everything else in the building trade the finished job is only as good as the preparation that went into it.

We show you how to paint radiators, paint wooden stairs, prepare and paint new plaster and even how to remove a radiator to help you decorate. We run through the different types of paint, from primer to gloss and the different types of paint brush available to do the job. Rollers and roller trays are discussed and we look into many different paint effects. We have colour wheels and help with painting walls to make them waterproof, We even have a section on painting wooden and concrete floors.