How to make the most of storage and de-clutter your home by building shelves and storage solutions

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Making the most of the space that you have is important, especially in a smaller home. This section provides some great projects that will help you to make shelves and create innovative storage ideas. If you really cannot store everything, then it is time to consider using a self storage facility.

Fitted shelves in alcoves can help you de-clutter

Fitted shelves in alcoves can help you de-clutter

We have another great section that will help you to make the most of storage in your homes; have a look at our Cupboards and wardrooms section for great information about designing, building and repairing cupboards and wardrooms.

Great ways to de-clutter

Half the battle is to get rid of what you don’t need or don’t use. This is easier said than done and here are a few great ideas to help you to cut out the clutter:

  1. Be Ruthless – If you don’t use in get rid of it. And don’t put it into storage, but put it into the rubbish bin! Get yourself in the right mood and tackle one room at a time. Do some good and recycle
  2. Little and often – If you’re struggling to get rid of the clutter, try to do it in small chunks. Each day find one thing that you can live without and then put it aside to get rid of. A great question to have in your mind is “would I buy this is I saw it in a shop today?”, if the answer is no, then it probably should go
  3. What do you use? – Often the hardest thing is identifying what you actually use and what you don’t. A great method, which was championed by Oprah, is to turn around all your coat hangers so they are facing the “wrong” way, and then as you start wearing your clothes turn the coat hangers back around. After a few months you can quickly see what you actually wear and what needs to go. You can use this concept in any other cluttered areas
  4. Tidy up – If you use your storage more efficiently and organise it better you will be able to put more away and get to what you need more easily. Think about your prime storage space, which between your knees and your shoulders, as this is the easiest to access and see what you have. Organise things by use; keep seasonal things together and put the every day things in the most accessible places. It sounds obvious, but as time goes by things get disorganised and they need sorting out again
  5. What’s it worth? – Have a look on ebay or other listing sites for the value of like candidates for de-cluttering. If they are worth more to other people that they are to you, get them listed and sold. Better that you have some hard cash in your bank and junk cluttering up your house

How to make more space at home?

  1. Colour – Light, bright spaces feel larger, so consider a white colour to make the space feel larger. Also stick with a colour scheme; colours from the same colour family create a sense of continuity so try and keep decoration and furnishing to a shades of the same colour. Find out more about how to make the most of colours with our project about colour theory.
  2. Open up – If you can open up walls can make space feel bigger (although take care and don’t touch a load bearing wall). There is a danger that you will loose storage space but you have to balance this with the extra perceived space
  3. Double up – Select furniture that can be used for storage; make sofas and beds have built in storage
  4. Fit it – fitted cupboards take up much less space and tend to be able to fit in more that loose furniture. If you can try and get fitted cupboards. There is some information about how to build a timber cupboard in the cupboard section.
  5. Shelve it – This is a great way to create space and get some of the clutter put away. In this section there is information about how to make shelves and fit floating shelves.
  6. Self Storage – if there is nothing else for it, and you have to hang on to your stuff, then you will have to put it into storage.

Shelves and storage and great ways to de-clutter and this section shows you how to put up the shelves and make the most of the space in your home.