Reliable Tradesmen and How to Find a Reliable Tradesman Local to You

Finding a reliable and trustworthy tradesman can be a daunting task. When you want to know how to find a reliable electrician, trustworthy plumber or an honest builder there are a huge range of websites that say that they will help you. DIY Doctor has had a good look at a number of these organisations that could assist to find a reliable tradesman.

There are sadly only a couple that we feel live up to our expectations and will find you the kind of reliable tradesman that you’re looking for. These organisations are Checkatrade and Trustmark. We choose to work with Checkatrade over Trustmark because, as well as making sure the consumers is safe, they are very pro-active in finding work for the tradesmen on their books.

Find out how DIY Doctor are working with Checkatrade to help you find the right tradesman for you

Benefits of Using Recommended, Reliable Tradesmen from Checkatrade

Unlike many of the lead generation schemes that existing in the market place such as Rated People & Service Magic, Checkatrade thoroughly vet their tradesmen and ensure that they are completely up to date with all necessary training to complete your job properly.

A Checkatrade tradesman will:

  • Always be honest with you, particularly with regards to the time it will take to carry out the work and when the work will start
  • Keep you informed about progress and especially any delays. If necessary they will allow, and even help, you to find an alternative tradesman to quote or carry out the work if they can’t live up to expectations
  • Stick to agreed appointments and meetings or let you know advance if there is a change so you can make arrangements which suit you
  • Respond to messages, phone calls and questions in good time
  • Respect customers' property and belongings
  • Deal with complaints professionally and courteously, should they arise. They should ensure that it is possible to make a complaint without any intimidation
  • Ensure all fees should be transparent and notified to the customer before they are incurred, including any call–out charges. Any variations should be discussed and agreed before the work is carried out
  • Never being verbally or physically abusive to, or threatening a customer in any way

Checks for Reliable Tradesmen

Checkatrade uphold very high standards, and their vetting process is rigorous. The tradesman is interviewed at their offices or place of work, so that they can see the tradesman in their own work environment. They check:

  • Qualifications – Qualifications to undertake their profession
  • Insurance – Tradesmen need Public Liability and combined insurance if they employ people
  • Proof of address for the tradesman
  • Identification
  • Trading Standards – Checkatrade run checks against trading standards about all tradesmen
  • Referees – 10 previous customers (minimum of 6) for whom the tradesman has completed work for in the last 12 months for feedback and references
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct – The have to sign their code of conduct
  • Credit Check

All tradesmen will give out personalised Reputation Reports to all their customers at the start of a job and these will be completed by the customer are posted directly to Checkatrade to monitor and publish.

Checkatrade check this feedback by calling 33% of all the tradesman's customers. All feedback is published on the tradesman's Checkatrade listing – good or bad!

If a tradesman doesn't make the standard they are removed from Checkatrade, so they cannot get work there again.

Where to Find Reliable DIY Help

This is how to get in touch with the organisations that we recommend

If you require more information on Checkatrade visit, or call on 01243 601234 or 0333 0146 190.

When it comes to finding the reliable tradesman that you need, when you need them, we feel that Checkatrade are the best. They don’t sell you details to the tradesman and the plumbers, electricians and builders that you find on their site have all been scrupulously vetted. We feel that this how you should find reliable tradesmen who are local to you.

More Help Finding a Reliable Tradesman

To help you even more we have also developed our own "Home Improver Protection Programme". We have produced this programme as a joint venture with numerous tradesmen over the past five years to ensure that it covers both you, the home improver and also the tradesman from any likely eventualities so that all parties involved are protected. To find out more check out our Home Improver Protection (HIPS) section.