Reliable Tradesmen and How to Find a Reliable Tradesman Local to You

Tradesman setting off to work

Finding a reliable, trustworthy tradesman can be a daunting task. When you want to know how to find a reliable electrician, trustworthy plumber or an honest builder there are a huge range of websites that say that they will help you.

DIY Doctor has had a good look at a number of organisations that could assist in finding a reliable tradesman and we’ve picked the best bits from all of them to build a service of our own that uses experience, integrity and honesty as a base line.

Don’t take chances anymore – use the DIY Doctor ‘Find a Tradesman’ service and make sure that you have covered all the bases:

Find a Tradesman

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People are more comfortable with connecting to services like building tradesmen aggregator websites since the growth of other online ‘connection’ services such as Trip Adviser, Airbnb and Uber. Also connecting you to reliable tradesman has become more sophisticated in the last few years with lots of improvements, but there is still more to do, even from the very best services.

This is why we have started to offer our own service. It is underpinned by the Plentific market place which connects you to a list of local tradesmen and suitable business to complete the work you need. They also provide their Plentific guarantee which gives you all the legal and financial protection that we feel that you should get.

You can use the Plentific dash board to see the tradesman that have been matched to help you with your job and vet their credentials.

On top of this we will provide you with our own building contract (Free for it's first use) and we will advise you about how you should proceed to ensure that the work goes ahead smoothly. You get the results you are looking for and we help you with the questions that you should ask including tips for avoiding paying more than you need to.

Benefits of Using Recommended, Reliable Tradesmen

More and more companies these days who recommend tradesmen, are screening them to ensure that they are fit to provide the services they offer. Plentific, who we use to recommend tradesman, are no different. In order to get the Plentific Verified Badge their tradesmen have to pass a rigorous screening process including:

  • Credit history
  • Address verification
  • ID verification
  • Companies House filings
  • VAT number verification
  • Public liability insurance
  • Online reputation and customer reviews

Protection for your Home Improvement Work

Even with the very best intentions, things can sometimes go wrong. Even the very best tradesman can have an “off day” or you could simply be unlucky. This is why we recommend that you get protection for any building work that you undertake.

By using this solution to find the right contractor for you, you will get the Plentific Guarantee. For all payments made on the platform, this includes:

  • Payment Protection - All payments made securely via are covered
  • Work-in-Progress Cover - Protection should your Pro fail to complete the job as agreed
  • Post Completion Cover - Pays for any post-completion fixes
  • Legal Protection - If required, legal fees are covered up to £50,000

Where to Find Reliable DIY Help

It is not hard to find the contact number of a tradesman in your area. Getting them to work for you and building a trusting relationship (so that you get the best possible job at the right price) is much harder. This is why we have worked hard to provide you with the support that you need to get the job done!

Don't just pick a name out of the hat! Get all the tools and advice you need to get the work done to the spec and price you want.

More Help Finding a Reliable Tradesman

To help you even more we have also developed our own "Home Improver Protection Programme". We have produced this programme as a joint venture with numerous tradesmen over the past five years to ensure that it covers both you, the home improver and also the tradesman from any likely eventualities so that all parties involved are protected. To find out more check out our Home Improver Protection (HIPS) section.