Home Improver Protection - How to Protect Yourself, Your Home and Your Money During Home Improvement Works

It is our intention to become the UK's leading resource for the protection of home improvers against cowboy builders. The DIY Doctor Home Improver Protection programme is a 4-step programme built by builders and home-improvers together after 2 years of research and surveys.

Firstly, use Price Doctor to check your proposed extension design and price it. You can alter the design to suit your budget and, because Price Doctor gives you a breakdown of materials and labour prices, you are in a strong position to negotiate with your builders.

Home Improver Protection Solution - Step 1

Click through a series of simple screens to design and cost your extension to ensure your tradesman's quotes are accurate.

Check quotes for your extension build with Price Doctor
Home Improver Protection Solution - Step 2

Download our free contract - Go through the contract with your potential tradesmen, page by page. Talk to them about every clause. Good tradesmen will see the value of this document, cowboys will run away! Use the button above to go to our contract download page

More information on 3rd party payment plans
Home Improver Protection Solution - Step 3

Keep your money safe with a third party payment plan. Most come with a free arbitration service and an independent warranty for your work for up to a year after it's finished

More information on 3rd party payment plans
Home Improver Protection Solution - Step 4

DIY Doctor has looked at all of the "Lead Generation" companies on the market who offer to find tradesmen for you. Most of these guys do not ensure their tradesmen are insured and we suggest that you absolutely refuse to use a tradesman who is not insured.

Find insured and reliable tradesmen