3 way valve replacement - rip off ?

Postby Cat » Mon Apr 16, 2007 7:01 pm

My radiators heat up when I only want hot water - I've just been told that the 3 way valve is the problem and needs replacing at a cost of £250 +vat.
I'm rather baffled because it's a brand new boiler - only fitted in December. Is the 3 way valve part of the boiler ? And if so shouldn't it be covered by the warranty ? Urgent advice needed please - I fear my ignorance may lead to me being ripped off.
Many thanks
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Postby Dave G » Wed Apr 18, 2007 4:40 pm

hello im a central heating engineer,
to be honest i know people who charge more than that and less and that. it all depends on who you get a quate from!. firms will charge more as they have big over heads. My friend is self employed and charges around that price as he has to cover his days wage, and the cost of his van, insurance, tools etc and the possibility if it still does not work then he or she will have to return free of charge. the part costs about £60. where you from and i ll see if i can sort it out.
Dave G
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Postby Cat » Wed Apr 18, 2007 5:48 pm

Dave G, thanks for that information on the price v helpful.

Just wondering it you can help with the following:

1: Is the 3 way valve part of the boiler ?

2: Is it standard practice to install a new 3 way valve with a new boiler?
Or is it possible that the old valve is left there ?

I'm trying to find this out because my boiler was only fitted in Dec and I can't work out why the 3 way valve has packed up - or if I have the right to claim the repair under the boiler warranty.

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Postby sparx » Fri Apr 20, 2007 8:05 pm

to tell what you have IE 3 port v/c etc,is it a combi, in which case it's inbuilt, Or do you have a hot water tank which will have a 3 port v/v plus a thermostat on lower part of tank & you should also have a room thermostat , the valve has a very short wire which normally goes to a wiring centre joint box along with wire from tank 'stat room 'stat & cables from programmer, if this lot not so you prob. have 'combi' with internal v/v. have a look & repost, Regards SPARX
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