ace duraflo fix work??

Postby cindy88 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 7:58 am

I have rust in pipes, probably galvanized pipe as the house is 52 years old. Re-piping would be about $3700., so I looked for alternatives. Turns out there is a new plumbing franchise that uses Ace Duraflo method to thoroughly clean out pipes (heavy copper pipe corrosion removed), dry them, and then coat the inside of the pipes with an epoxy, lining them thoroughly. This is supposed to be safe (expoxy I questioned) and cheaper, less invasive and last a long time. Franchises are popping up and I wondered IF ANYONE HAS TRIED this or could give advise as to it's merits. If you google Ace Duraflo you can get info I speak of. I think it's been around since 2002, not sure if there is a lot of evidence to re assure about safety, but the sites tout it's safety. PLEASE advise. Also, in FLa. where I live, they really use clhorine heavily to disenfect water here.
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