ACQ treated wood and fasteners

Postby Spikenaylor » Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:37 pm

Hi there all.

I am building a high raised deck and the wood will be C24 grade ACQ treated.
I have read that this treatment is corrosive to the joist hangers unles the are stainless steel or polymer coated steel.
Hot-dip Galvanised will corrode and pre-galvanised mils steel will also.

I was looking at the Simpson Stongtie SAI and LUP hangers but am now not too sure as they are only pre-galvanised products, also the nails are suspectible to corrosion.
I have found a product that acts like an isolator between the two products. Grace Vycor® Deck Protector® -- Corrosion Protection
this is a sticky backed felt type material place on joist ends and heade behind hanger.
There will be still be a problem with the nails inside the wood corroding.

Has anyone got any experience on this subject.

many thanks
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