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When we moved into our property 11 years ago we had a shared driveway with our neighbour which he has since fenced down the middle (not an issue). Our property boundary had a small wall going all the round which we have raised with brickwork and added a gate at the driveway entrance (again not an issue, checked with planning). We have knocked part of the wall down and inserted another gate so my husband can reverse his truck in and I can now get the car in using the other entrance. We have approached Highways asking if they can lower the kerb outside the new entrance however they have enquired as to whether we have planning permission for the new entrance. Is this right?

Also, our neighbour whose driveway we previously shared, is having the kerb raised slightly due to water running down his driveway from the road when it rains and flooding his property. Highways, when resurfacing, have laid new road surface on top of the old so now the kerb is lower than the road surface! We assume Highways will be raising the kerb outside our property due to the shared driveway but we have not had any contact from Highways, only what our neighbour has told us. Should we be involved in these decisions?
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