Airlock - no hot water!! Help

Postby sbeswick8 » Mon May 07, 2007 2:49 pm

Hi, I read the post on airlock - but am unsure which is the hot water outlet from the header tank? I think i did it right - is it the pipe going from the header into the bottom of the hot water tank? I turned the pipe 'screw' near the header clockwise to close before connecting hot and cold taps etc - but it seemed to keep turning clockwise.
Any help useful as it did not get us hot water, though when the central heating is on - we do get it.
cheers steve
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Simply Build It

Postby DONFRAMAC » Tue May 08, 2007 2:53 am

Indirect hot cylinders get fed their fresh supply from the header tank in the loft. It feeds into the tank very near its base, beside the 15 mm drain-cock. The hot and cooler pipes from/to the boiler enter/leave the side of the tank. The hot feed from the boiler goes in about half-way up the tank. The water goes around a coiled pipe inside the lower half of the tank, then exits near the bottom of the tank, below the entry location. The entry pipe gets, but the exit pipe is easier to hold. As you get hot water when radiators are on, it seems that your diverter valve needs checking out, first by setting the commonly fitted side-lever to "auto", as it may be in "manual" mode; Then check the motor driven actuator head works, separated from its T-valve;-- then exercise the valve-stem manually, which can free-off a stuck stem. Any water-leakage from the valve gland should be regarded as a job for a plumber to renew--it can blow the electronics in the complex stepper-motor which turns the quadrant gear in the motor-head. The coupling you refer to as continuing to rotate, probably needs 2 stillson wrenches to tighten, or if a thread is over-strained/stripped, get it checked by a "handyman" from the classified ads., but it sounds like a compression coupling which will have 2 hex. parts, needing 2 wrenches.
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Postby sbeswick8 » Tue May 08, 2007 12:02 pm

Ok many thanks for that - seems I need a plumber! cheers steve
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