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Postby gogs » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:43 pm

Other half is desperate to get on of these and the space we have is nearly perfect, but not near enough, well it gives very limited choice due to not many being true 60cm deep.

I can only find a few out there that would be suitable size wise, were some admirals out there that appeared to fit the bill but they dont seem to be available anywhere now.

Problems is the models I've identifed have the water dispenser and ice maker that need plumbing in and I see that being an issue due to distance to water supply and having a door to pass, also new floor just gone down and its concrete also.

Can you work these fridge freezers ok without connecting to the water supply or is that not recommended, seems a waste but just cant seem to find any suitable without the dispenser.
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Postby kbrownie » Tue Aug 25, 2009 11:17 am

they work without water supply just don't get the use of ice maker and water dispenser. Other than that fridge and freezer work as they should.
Could you not supply a water feed from above?
Also you must take in to consideration of allowing the doors to open wide enough for you to be able to use the food tray compartments. If the door can't swing fully open you may have a problem sliding the trays out.
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Postby gogs » Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:32 pm

Thanks for that I wasn't sure if it was essential that is was plumbed in or not, did download an online manual but couldn't find out either way.

What to you need to connect the fridge to, is it not the main kit under the sink?

Above the location would be the landing, there is a bathroom nearby but not sure its ideal.

There is a water tap in the garage at a guess if possible a run from that along the length of the garage and through the utility to the fridge.

To be honest we dont really want the ice maker etc as it eats into space but they all seem to have it, well the slimest ones.

I have looked into the space required for the door opening as one side is near the wall, and once again the slim ones we are seeing typically are wider, so it would be tight kind.

Do you know if there would be anything protruding from the back with the kit for plumbing in or are they on the side, guessing the back? That might pose another issue
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Postby kbrownie » Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:06 pm

They are on the back, it's a flexible pipe that will fix on to a washing machine type connection on/off valve (the red and blue type)
You can take a feed from easiest point if that be bathroom cold or from garage. I recommend when you take the cold water feed that the supply to the taps bath/garage have single/double check valves in place to stop contaminated water going to fridge.
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