any advice/things too look out for?

Postby vw754 » Thu Apr 10, 2008 4:39 pm

Im having my heating done under the 'warm front grant' Iguana are going to doing the job.
I have been given 5 radiators and new ideal combi condensing boiler and new pipes. All the pipes are going to be re-newed as there about 40 years old (look good to me)
As ive only been given 5 rads,iguana are only going to install enough pipe for 5 radiators so ive got to get the other 3 radiators myself,which is not a problem......BUT,il have to get new pipes fitted aswell as no old pipes will be left in the house. Anything i must look out for or any good advice you guys can give me.....never used these guys before,they probably ok but i dont want them cut corners.
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