Asphalt floor problem

Postby womble69 » Mon Dec 10, 2007 9:28 pm

I have a 1950's ex-Council House.
The floor is concrete with what appears to be 20mm of asphalt on top.

(1) The concrete floor has cracked (hairline-3mm) due to settlement.
(2A) The asphalt has followed suit and also cracked.
(2B) In one area, a section of asphalt has been removed entirely by the previous owner.

Water/damp is therefore coming through from underneath.

I would therefore appear to need ...

(1) To fill/seal the cracks effectively (in both concrete and asphalt).
(2) To recover the area completely Deleted of asphalt (ensuring that the fill bonds to the edges of the remaining asphalt and to the wall brickwork. This is been cut with an angle grinder to give a straight, clean edge).

It has been suggested to me ...

(1) To apply tanking to the exposed concrete and to say 2" up the wall brickwork.
(2) Then to fill with concrete (sulphur resistant cement + granular mix + some waterproofing compound). (Acid resistant cement because part of the area is inside a fireplace).

Or is the only practical proposition to remove the asphalt floor entirely and replace with a tanked/waterproofed concrete screed? (Nightmare. Other ideas?)

Some parts to be covered are dry, others damp. The stuff applied must not be defeated by a damp surface.

What to do and what products to use?
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