Black scum around cold tap and shower head????

Postby fuljason » Tue Jun 19, 2007 11:01 am

Hello all, (first post)
I am no good with DIY and always try and get the right local tradesman in for a job But before I get a plumber in I need to know whats going on here, My upstairs bathroom has a brass cold tap and the shower has a white plastic shower head, everytime I clean the bathroom the tap especially has lots of horrible black scum formed around it, it has been this way for about 5 years!! there is also a little bit of scum on the shower.
I clean the bathroom once a week and the black scum always reappears, the water tastes fine and the scum does NOT appear on the downstairs kitchen mixer tap. The scum doesn't appear on the hot water tap.
has nayone got any ideas what it is? I have looked every on the web and found nothing and I dare not get a plumber in if it is a natural occurance. I live in birmingham UK which is famed for it water quality, my cold water tank is enclosed in a cupboard and quite hard to access to check.
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