Blocking Air Brick

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Hi All,

I understand following reasons for AirBrick.
Adequate ventilation is essential to your home as it allows the circulation of air, which in turn prevents condensation, helps avoid rot and woodworm attacks and generally makes the air in your house more pleasant to breath. Too few or blocked airbricks can cause serious ventilation problems in the home

Now I want to know it its is Safe to Temporary block the Air Bricks for short period (Nov - Jan cold weather). Just by simply cover them with carpet tape. Or should i leave them as they are?

As we all know UK is having extreme cold weather these days, and i am trying to minimise the heat energy loss.

My home is new built (1984) Cavity walls and 6-7 Air Bricks are at 2 sides of the house. House has new Combi Central Heating System and Kitchen has 12 inch Exhaust Fan.

Any advise would be appreciated.
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