Boiler won't fire up

Postby Jonestom » Mon Feb 04, 2008 9:40 pm

Hi, I had a problem with my baxi solo 2pf 40 boiler system and it turned out to be grit and dust that had got into the programmer during intensive redecorating,
Since getting it going again, I left it running overnight to dry out some plastering and tiling that we had been doing, the house is unoccupied.

When I went in the following day, the boiler fan was on, pump was running but all rads were cold.

The fan runs, the boiler light is on but the pilot light isn't, I've tried the usual resetting.

The boiler switches on and off depending on where I put the programmer and also responds 'on and off' when I adjust the room Stat, but the boiler doesn't fire up,

I can't see a spark or hear anything clicking to indicate sparking taking place at the ignition point, hence the boiler won't fire up.

My fault finding guide is pointing to a problem with the pressure switch tube to the fan being blocked or leaking, failing that to replace the fan.
Am I on the right track or can anyone suggest otherwise.
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