Building a bookcase

Postby ecojimbob » Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:31 pm

Can anybody help me out? I am wanting to build a really simple bookcase out of reclaimed timber. I am thinking of 4 posts with 5/6 shelves. I thought about cutting dado joints into the posts to sit the shelves into, but I would need to cut the joints by hand as I do not have a router.

The questions I have are these; Is it silly to try to make the dado joints with out a router? Would dowels be strong enough to hold the shelves instead? Are there any other simple methods I could use to attach the shelves? Would I also need to make some sort of brace between to the posts for support, or would it be strong enough without? If I use new wood for supports alongside the reclaimed wood, will I be able to sand and stain them all to look the same, or will the old always look different?

A load of questions, I know... Any help would be much appreciated!!

Many thanks!!
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